Cultivating Earth Intelligence Through Community Education
For Healing Our Personal, Public, and Planetary Spheres
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Human misunderstanding of our connection with nature is causing great pain and "dis-ease" for people and the planet. Moving beyond the dominant, industrial civilization, and coming back into balance with the Earth, is essential for the survival of our, and many other, species.  Lake Erie Institute offers adult learning opportunities, with world-class faculty, that support the emergence of the cultural, social, and spiritual facets of an earth-honoring global civilization. Through field-tested experiential learning, our events and programs re-indigenize Western minds by fostering a relational worldview, and an ethic of connection and care for each other and the Earth.

LEI, the acronym for Lake Erie Institute, also stands for the core goal of our work: learning (or re-learning) to Love Earth Intimately. As we love Earth, we love ourselves and others, and this love inspires us to care for all of life on Earth from a place of sacred reverence. Through this love we find paths toward healing in our own lives, in our communities, and for the planet.

Our programs are hands on, experiential, and outdoors whenever possible. Blending mind, body, spirit, and Earth into our learning, LEI programs integrate the whole self while attending to multiple ways of knowing.

To support the growth of Earth intelligence, LEI offers programs in the fields of:
spiritual ecology,
ecotherapy and ecopsychology,
earth-connected energy healing modalities,
and EarthConscious leadership.

Join us on a journey back to our collective soul!

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