LEI Training Programs

Are our training programs right for you?
Do the following statements describe you?

You know that changing our culture and its underlying beliefs is essential for changing the world.

Your work is important to you, but you still feel the drive to discover the essence of “who you are.”

You feel that you could be doing more for people and the planet, and you continually see possibilities beyond what you are currently able to realize.

You want to contribute to the change toward repairing the world.

If so, you may be a good candidate for our training programs. 
Members of our faculty are available to speak with you at any point during the process to answer any questions that you might have or to mutually explore whether our programs will be a good fit. For more information, contact:

Nurete for EarthConscious Leadership: nurete at lakeerieinstitute.org

Liz for Ecopsychology: emeacham at lakeerieinstitute.org

Join us for one, or both, of our immersive, transformational programs of learning, growth, professional development, and healing!  Through our ten-month training programs, we are creating a community of Earth Healers and Earth Leaders. Together, along with many other communities across the planet, we are forging a New Story of hope for the future.

Our training programs offer:

  • Graduate-level learning with world-class faculty
  • Consciousness expanding face-to-face classes
  • Online modules for theoretical and reflective learning
  • Experiential retreats
  • Community engagement
  • Professional development
  • Individual mentoring and coaching
Learn More About Our Programs

Become an Earth Leader through the
EarthConscious Leadership Program

Become an Earth Healer through the Ecopsychology Training Program