Visionary Voices Series
Our national and international Visionary Voices visiting scholars bring world changing ideas to the Northeast Ohio community through lectures, workshops, and retreats.  Check back for more details and other upcoming Visionary Voices events. Visiting scholars are added to the calendar regularly.
Saturday, June 23, 1 to 4 pm, location TBA
Ecological and Social Healing
with Dr. Jeanine Canty, Naropa University
Oppression of people and oppression of the larger Earth come from the same patterns, and our steps toward collective healing are intertwined.  In this experiential workshop, Dr. Canty will help us uncover patterns of oppression and healing. By working with our edges of awareness, we can identify new forms of teaching, leading, healing, and positive change. There is power in integrating multiple and often conflicting views and healing from the transformations that result. By working across the boundaries of the ecological and social, powerful experiences can create new forms of healing.
September 21-23, location TBA
Wild Earth Wild Soul Three-Day Retreat
with Bill Pfeiffer , aka Sky Otter
During the workshop, we’ll feel the sacred energy of “walking in a good way.” Listening to what the plants, animals, and even the stars, have to say. Wrapping ourselves in the stillness of the relatively wild… we’ll slow down and dip into the creative pool of our shared wisdom. This wisdom may show up in a variety of ways: making art and poetry, deeper nature awareness, shamanic journeying, meditating, singing, spending solo time in the forest, or simply expressing our gratitude for Life.